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PSP2 Announced! (311 views)

Future handheld gaming powerhouse? Or too early to tell?

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The Future of Mobile PC Gaming? (217 views)

Could this be a game changer in the PC gaming scene?

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Orochi (232 views)

The mouse I've been wanting to get for some time now is finally here.

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GFFN FA Unicorn Gundam Finally Arrives (927 views)

It is finally here!!!

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Upcoming: Alter Goto Matabei (753 views)

Rope undies FTW

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Early Birthday Gift

Posted on 15 March 2011 (113 views) Comments (0)

Chil got me this as an early birthday gift especially since my BB Curve 8520′s keypad was already as useful as a pile of poop.

I am so loved.

I originally planned to get a Bold 9780 but after hearing so many horror stories about the keypad stuttering/double-tapping, I chose to stick to the older Bold which had much less hardware issues, if there are even any. I gave up 512MB RAM, 5MP camera and OS6 but I think it’s better than the frustration over the keypad.

I tried installing OS6 on the 9700 but the memory leak was just so bad that I chose to revert back to OS5.

…and they’ll be two action figures in a single box!

SIC Kamen Rider Heat/Metal and Luna/Trigger

I had already pre-ordered SIC Kamen Rider W and had already speculated that Bandai would most likely release the other forms in separate action figures as well instead of just armor replacement pieces.

You can just imagine my glee when I visited Amiami.com and saw this up for pre-order.

From the image, it appears that this will be a single box but with two action figures: something that Bandai has done in the past (i.e. Kamen Rider Den-O Axe Form and Rod Form). Thankfully, this isn’t an exclusive like the Axe Form/Rod Form release.

I just wish they’d release the HardBoilder. Now just toss in Kamen Rider Skull and I’ll be a happy man.

Accel I can live without but if they release Accel’s blue form, then I might have second thoughts.

Release date posted in Amiami.com is late June 2011.



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Sentai Hotties: Yumi Sugimoto

Posted on 05 February 2011 (1,446 views) Comments (1)

Yumi Sugimoto

I mentioned in a post earlier that I’ve actually backtracking on Sentai shows that I missed out on. One of them is Go-Onger and one of the main reasons why I’m watching it is Yumi Sugimoto, who is Go-On Silver in this show. Continue Reading



Healthy Dose of Shokotan, Anyone?

Posted on 02 February 2011 (377 views) Comments (2)

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Sentai Backtracking

Posted on 02 February 2011 (139 views) Comments (0)

Tensou Sentai Goseiger is nearing its end and there is already a lot of discussion regarding the next Super Sentai series which I think is going to be epic simply because it involves practically every single Super Sentai series ever since the franchise’s conception.

Engine Sentai Go-Onger

But at the same time, I’ve also started doing some backtracking on the Sentai shows that I’ve missed. Prior to regularly following Super Sentai shows, I was more of a Kamen Rider fan. But Samurai Sentai Shinkenger brought back my interest in the Super Sentai series (although Goseiger was a bit of a drag for me, to be quite frank, except for the fact that Moune was quite kawaii).

I watched the Shinkenger vs Go-Onger movie and was interested in the series that came out prior to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (and the fact that Yumi Sugimoto is gorgeous). So…I’ve started watching Go-Onger while I wait for the entire Goseiger series to be finished and just watch the remaining episodes in one go.

And to be quite honest, I’m finding Go-Onger quite hilarious and even more fun to watch than Goseiger. I catch myself laughing at their antics every so often whereas Goseiger annoyed me more than I actually enjoyed it.

Really. Moune, for me, was its only saving grace.

As for Engine Sentai Go-Onger, my favorite characters are actually Sousuke and Gunpei. When they clash, it just cracks me up.

I am currently in episode 11 of the series and definitely looking forward to when Yumi Sugimoto finally makes her debut in the show.

How about you? What was your all-time favorite Super Sentai show?


Probably the cutest iteration of Miku Hatsune to date, in Nendoroid form, Miku Hatsune HMO version is definitely going to be one of my favorite Nendoroid releases, if only for the fact that there’s so much that you get inside the package. Not only do you get your standard Nendoroid, but this is a Nendoroid that’s fully posable (like Nendoroid Saber). There’s also so much detail on her like the cables that stick out of her headset. Plus she comes with a lot of items: two keyboards, an entire drum set, etc.

Nendoroid Miku HMO ver.

These images are courtesy of Mikatan from her newly migrated English WordPress blog. Continue Reading


Blog Pimping

The Bading Mother Diaries

Posted on 28 January 2011 (95 views) Comments (0)

DISCLAIMER: All the text below, as outrageous as it may sound, was from a testimonial from the author while he was writing this at gunpoint. ;)

My gorgeous, hot momma of a cousin, Ethel (I mean, seriously, look at her) has been documenting hilarious conversations and incidents between her and her two little angels: her daughters.

The Bading Mother

These small snippets of their day-to-day lives were originally just small Facebook posts that she put up on her wall but this month, she decided to finally document everything in a blog.

So my gorgeous, hot momma of a cousin, Ethel (see what I’m doing here?) put up The Bading Mother Diaries. Don’t ask me why she calls herself that. I will NOT explain. What I WILL say is that this an absolutely hilarious read. I’ve always enjoyed reading these small accounts when she was still posting them in Facebook but with my work schedule and being away from my personal laptop for most of the day/week/month, I missed out on a good number of these posts. Now I am able to read everything my gorgeous, hot momma of a cousing, Ethel has documented in a single site that anyone can just visit on a regular basis if they wanted a good laugh after a bad day.

It’s definitely something worth reading, especially for all you mums out there.

These kids are sharp and smart at such a young age. I’m not sure if that’s an entirely good thing because I definitely would not be tag-teamed by my two nieces once they hit their tweens knowing how sharp their tongues already are at this age. So I’m hoping I can still take advantage of the element of fear or that they get oodles of gaming freebies and tech support from their uncle.

So do yourself a favor, treat yourself to a laugh and visit my gorgeous, hot momma of a cousin’s brand new blog.

P.S. I insisted that I would put up a picture of Angelina Jolie with her face superimposed on it but she would have none of it. Mas hot daw siya kesa kay Angelina. The conversation ended there. I pick my battles. ;)


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I want these speakers NOW!

Posted on 26 January 2011 (217 views) Comments (2)

I’ve been looking around for laptop speakers that, in my opinion, would look nice and at the same time, fit the small space where I have my laptop situated in. But most of the worthwhile options have always had a subwoofer component along with it and that wasn’t exactly something I wanted to carry around.

Then I visited Engadget today and saw this:

Razer Ferox Mobile Speakers Continue Reading


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