SIC Kamen Rider Heat/Metal and Luna/Trigger!

Posted on 01 March 2011 by Mark | Visited 407 times

…and they’ll be two action figures in a single box!

SIC Kamen Rider Heat/Metal and Luna/Trigger

I had already pre-ordered SIC Kamen Rider W and had already speculated that Bandai would most likely release the other forms in separate action figures as well instead of just armor replacement pieces.

You can just imagine my glee when I visited and saw this up for pre-order.

From the image, it appears that this will be a single box but with two action figures: something that Bandai has done in the past (i.e. Kamen Rider Den-O Axe Form and Rod Form). Thankfully, this isn’t an exclusive like the Axe Form/Rod Form release.

I just wish they’d release the HardBoilder. Now just toss in Kamen Rider Skull and I’ll be a happy man.

Accel I can live without but if they release Accel’s blue form, then I might have second thoughts.

Release date posted in is late June 2011.


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About the Author:  Mark is a simple Japanese toy collector who started seriously collecting and blogging about Japanese toys back in 2005.


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4 Responses to “SIC Kamen Rider Heat/Metal and Luna/Trigger!”

  1. Terrorhunt says:

    If you go to the link above, you will see that the "rumored"
    body split gimmick for SIC CycloneJoker before are real. I even saw a pose for CycloneJoker Maximum Drive recreated thanks to the the gimmick. This mean that we wont be seeing the other 6 forms being release.

    I just hope that Bandai wont release Skull and FangJoker as an exclusive.

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    • Mark says:

      Thanks for sharing the pic!

      This is an absolute must-have for me.

      As for Skull and Fang Joker (which I nearly forgot about until you mentioned it), I agree. I hope they don't release it as an exclusive but knowing Bandai, they probably will be. sad

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      • Terrorhunt says:

        Just got my SIC W CJ, just want you to know that the body split gimmick are real, but only for the Rider Kick pose, NOT for the form change. Form change are still kinda possible, though I won't tell you how. Don't want to spoil the surprise.

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  2. Mark says:

    Heat/Trigger, you shall be mine!

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